Yoga Teaching

“I am certain that I would not be doing yoga right now if I hadn’t met you. You make practice accessible to anyone. It doesn’t matter if I arrive to class on an amazing day, or a difficult day. I always leave your classes feeling positive. You have a genuine way about you, practicing what you teach us, and this passes on to all your students. It is as if you were created to teach yoga; you do it that beautifully. You have not only taught me some great yoga moves and breathing strategies; you have challenged the way I view yoga and my world .Your reminders to honor myself, that wherever I am is OK, and to breathe through it all have not only inspired my yoga practice; they have inspired the way I live off the yoga mat too.” -Annie 2014

"I attribute 50% of my yoga practice (on and off the mat) to my overall commitment to the craft. I attribute the other 50% to inspiration from my teacher... The teacher-student connection is key. It's the combination of the words you use, the technique you demonstrate, and the general human connection we have that makes is so special. I value your work as a teacher as much as you value my commitment as a student. I wish every student had the opportunity to take private lessons from you because they are really transformative. The private sessions have taught me how to overcome fear, how to stop and focus on the breath, and how to accept my right knee." - Sarah 201

"Renee's passion for yoga on and off the mat and warm and charismatic  personality are evident in each and every class.  She radiates peace and calm, and pampers her students with blankets, props, and attention - giving each student the time and space s/he needs to relax and renew." Carrie 2014

"You will not find a kinder, more inspiring AND down to earth teacher than Renee.  She is a great athlete but incredibly modest regarding her own abilities.   I've taken her classes at Happy-U Namaste, small group classes and private instruction.  You do get more personal attention and adjustments in the small group and private classes.  It's just not possible in a large group but no matter what the setting and numbers she ensures all students feel welcome and have a gratifying practice."- Beti 2014

"Renee has been an inspiration in my life over the past few years. I recommend her to any yogi from beginner to the most advanced. She guides students through asanas in a way that the effort turns into ease, and often you will find yourself in a position with a calm mind and body that you once found too hard or frustrating to even try. I have two favorite things about her classes; one the theme she focuses on or story she shares in the beginning of class are with you throughout the practice and sometimes stay with you forever, and two she always incorporates a little bit of fun and laughter into every class. She always makes you feel like you are exactly where you should be and then encourages you to smile. I could go on and on about Renee, but really you have to experience her yourself to truly feel the love and light she carries with her."- Carolynn 2013

"I have been taking yoga for more than 10 years and Renee is definitely one of the best! Her classes are always different, super inspiring and she takes into account all levels. You will never feel bad for not being able to do a pose in Renee's class. You can tell she truly loves what she does and she gives so much to her students. And, the best part is, she is just as inspiring off of her mat. To me that is the mark of a truly good yoga instructor, one who lives yoga as well as teaches it. I would highly recommend Renee and always feel better after being around her." - Jesalyn 2013

"There are a few people I have meet that have done as much work on themselves as Renee, she exudes a quality of peace and happiness that few can cultivate. Her kind presence and calming voice bring together a powerful overall experience allowing her technique, guidance and personality to provide one of the best private yoga instructions and massages. There are many others that offer similar services, but few allow you to forget time and relax into each moment and breathe." - William 2013


"This was a great start to my year to regroup, re-energize, re-invent and connect to who I want to be. Lots of opportunity or connection without pressure or expectation. It was wonderful!"-Deedee, Love Life Retreat 2015

"This retreat was perfect timing! I was reminded to LOVE LIFE again! Thank you." - Nichelina, Love Life Retreat 2015

"Love Life Retreat was a wonderful, moving experience shared with an amazing group of women. Each one brought a piece of inspiration that made the retreat a fun experience."- Love Life Retreat 2015

“By removing external responsibilities, the expected outcome of the retreat was to relax and allow myself to focus on the task at hand, whether it is my yoga or writing practice. The unexpected outcome of the retreat was the rediscovery of realignment of my focus in life. Since the retreat, I’ve dedicated more time to thinking through my personal goals and conquering fear that holds me back in life. Some of these goals and fears had been suppressed, and the retreat (through yoga, meditation, and writing) allowed them to surface. The end result is the ability to map out a more clear journey in the next leg of my life. It think it’s going to be a good one.” - Sarah, Art of Inquiry- Yoga & Writing Retreat 2014

"I decided to join Om for the Holidays to re-initiate my yoga practice after years of absence. I looked online and found… a teacher whose sincerity, knowledge and experience was evident by the testimonials of her followers. I describe my experience as a vibrant reconnection to my heart. Reconnecting to compassion, for myself and others."- Jane, Om for the Holidays Retreat 2014

"Overall my experience was Inspiring, love-filled, accepting, honest, and fun…..Renee, your ability to pay attention to every single person is amazing!….I love how professional, selfless, fun and available you are on these retreats. I look forward to sharing more of these types of experiences with you. “ - Huguette, Om for the Holidays Retreat 2014

“Renee is an amazing instructor and attracts a great group of yogis. Always a great time… Thank you so much for an amazing and inspiring retreat. Can’t wait for the next!” - Danielle, Om for the Holidays Retreat 2014

“I was looking for a vacation where I could truly unplug and get connected with myself and others. It was true bliss on all levels. Renee is an amazing facilitator and creates a beautiful space for everyone to just be.” -Sabrina, Om for the Holidays Retreat 2014

Om for the Holidays is “an opportunity to find out where you are at, and were you may want to go. Deep reflection was very helpful.” I will be taking home “new perspective towards myself. I’m going to continue daily yoga and writing.”- Melanie, Om for the Holidays Retreat 2014

“Every retreat I have been on with Renee has been a transformational and beautiful experience.”- Karen, 2014

"This experience helped me to disconnect from my busy life and reconnect with my inner strength and resilience." - Savor the Senses Retreat 2014

"Fantastic! Perfect combo of fun + laughter with calm + focus... Keep it as simple as you did. So nice to have a schedule that feels guided vs. a regimented day." - Savor the Senses Retreat 2103